Thinking about cutting back your plastics impact? Here are some facts from Giki on plastic packaging and recycling:

  • Just one quarter of packaging used in fresh fruit and veg is currently marked as recyclable. This makes it hard to work out what you can recycle – if in doubt pick the loose fruit and veg.
  • 40% of plastic packaging in the UK comes from supermarkets.
  • Around 90% of soft drinks and milk now come in recyclable containers.
  • Around half of Dairy and Bread come in recyclable packaging. If in doubt, buy loose and put it in your own bag
  • Half of skin and haircare bottles are recyclable.
  • There are more than 2000 different soft drink products sold in single use plastic bottles.

Reduce your impact and always recycle. Check the label and if in doubt download the free Giki app and look out for the better packaging badge.

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