When you go shopping, it soon becomes clear, we are surrounded by plastic. Meat is freeze packed in plastic. Yogurts come in plastic containers, biscuits in plastic wrappers, cereals in cardboard boxes, containing plastic bags. Rice, pasta and bread are all in plastic bags, our cleaning and personal care products come in plastic bottles… the list goes on and it is far from easy to cut out your plastic. The UK generates around 4 million tonnes per year of packaging waste and this is feeding into our oceans: 1 in 3 fish caught for human consumption contain plastic!

But if you’ve taken the plunge to do a plastic detox, here are a few simple, easy ideas to get started.

1 – Go fresh, loose fruit and veg

2 – Bin your single use water bottles and carry your own container with you instead

3 – Take your own bags 



… or just a carrier bag will do! 

4 – Choose glass over plastic



… better in more ways than one

5 – download the Giki app, scan to find out whether the product uses Better Packaging – that means less plastic, less landfill, more recycling.

Download the UK Giki app now!