4 new steps to kick-off 2023 with a sustainability bang

We know you love taking steps in Giki Zero that help you live more sustainably and cut your carbon footprint, and that’s why we’re always excited to bring you new ones to help you #thinkcarbon. 

With these four new climate action steps, alongside 150+ others, you’ll be committing to new ways to help our planet in no time. 

The great thing about these steps is that you’ll learn lots along the way, and they’re relatively easy to do, with a decent impact, so we can’t wait for you to try them! Which one will you try first?

Subscribe to a climate podcast

Podcasts are a great way to learn more about climate change. and there are loads of good ones to choose. Subscribe to podcasts and relax as you learn about what we can do to save the planet. If you’re not sure where to get started, our favourite is Outrage+Optimism, which offers great guests, and a balance of science, hot topics, and human stories.  For more inspiration, you can check out our recommended podcast resources.

Check for greenwashing before buying a product

Greenwashing is where a company attempts to show that a product is much more environmentally friendly than it is. As people think more about sustainability, it’s happening more and more. Let’s face it, companies who are greenwashing, don’t deserve to make money from it. 

Up to 40% of companies’ green claims could be misleading, according to the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority, so spotting greenwashing isn’t easy but it’s worth looking out for! We created a handy checklist, that will help you spend money that aligns with your values and desires to help the planet. 

Stay cool working from home 

Working from home often saves carbon because you’re not commuting. However, you also need to keep cool during hot periods when you don’t have your work air conditioning to rely on. Heatwaves are already three times more likely in many areas of the world, so time to start planning how to keep cool when they hit.

Keeping cool while working from home is one of our most-read resources on our blog (you can also find out how to stay warm when it gets cold). 

Now you can improve your Giki score and see how this helps your carbon footprint by taking this step and using our handy checklist to help you stay cool working from home without upping your carbon footprint.

Use your influence at work to cut carbon 

We all need to do everything we can as quickly as possible to limit climate change. As well as acting in your personal life, you can have an influence at work too, and we bet your company will appreciate you, as 73% want to work for a firm with a strong environmental commitment, and for 18-24s looking for a new job, this ranked higher than home working and flexible working (Giki Survey, 2022).

Making changes at work will mean that anything you do gets repeated and create a big impact. When you start, you’ll find colleagues who share your passion and want to work with you, and it is often a brilliant way to demonstrate your leadership potential and learn new skills. Sometimes getting change through at work can be hard, but when you succeed, you’ll have a great sense of purpose.

We’ve got lots of ideas to try out, and if you need any help we’d love to support your Green Team or sustainability leads in engaging and educating your colleagues on climate action using Giki Zero Pro.

For all these new steps (plus 150+ others) there is a range of resources, links, and facts to help you get started. Log into Giki Zero and make a difference.