4 new steps to be more sustainable

We know you love taking steps in Giki Zero that help you live more sustainably and cut your carbon footprint, and that’s why we’re always excited to bring you new ones. 

Graphic of world on a light blue background, with a drawing of a phone and a sun surrounded by hearts

We’ve added four new steps that focus on building sustainable behaviours. With these four climate action steps, alongside over 150 others, you’ll be committing to new ways to help our planet in no time. 

The great thing about these steps is that you’ll learn lots along the way, and they’re relatively easy to do, with a decent impact, so we can’t wait for you to try them! Which one will you try first?

Find out your work sustainability plan 

We all need to plan how to cut carbon and companies are no different. This step is about learning more about your company and showing the people that wrote it that you care. You might even spot areas where you can support their aims!

Companies being transparent about their plans and progress have a key role to play in cutting emissions this decade. In the UK, 99% of the top companies have a sustainability plan! If you’re interested, you can read ours here.

Make a suggestion at work that cuts carbon

Only 7% of companies are on track to hit their Net Zero goals, so they need help. We all need to plan how to cut carbon and companies are no different. 

This step is all about how you can use the knowledge you’ve built in your life to help your company reduce emissions by suggesting ideas that will lower carbon emissions. This could be anything from saving energy, cutting back on food waste, and changes in business travel. 

Plenty of companies have a long-term goal, but far fewer have a plan to make big changes right now, so this is an opportunity to make an impact. 

Only use the storage you need in the cloud

Data is not stored in clouds but in data centres that use services that are powered by electricity and need water for cooling. So the less we all store the less energy and resources will be used. 

Any storage you don’t need is wasting energy, so you’ll make a small carbon saving. If you’re paying for more storage than you need you could save money.

This is a great step to build sustainable behaviours that will encourage more climate awareness. 

Challenge yourself to recycle everything for a week at work.

The average person throws away 7 times their body weight in waste every year. Much of it can be recycled, so we have a challenge for you to bring to work. 

Can you set a five-day challenge to recycle everything you can when you’re at work? Recycling means that materials can be used again and again. This saves energy, means that new materials don’t need to be dug up, and reduces carbon emissions.

Sustainability challenges are a great way to drive engagement and build a community, so once you’ve completed this step who knows where it may lead? 

For all these new steps (plus over 150 others) there is a range of resources, links, and facts to help you get started.