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Think Carbon. Cut Carbon.

Get started with Giki Zero, your step-by-step platform to reduce your carbon footprint for free 

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Giki Zero

The knowledge and tools you need to reduce carbon and transform our world.

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Giki Zero breaks down the steps to a more sustainable lifestyle and makes it feel a lot more tangible and achievable.
The benefit of Giki is seeing actions quantified. Every action and choice we make impacts our footprint, and Giki helps illustrate that.
It feels amazing to know there is always more you can do, especially when you have data to illustrate and support progress!
We had quite a lot of fun being able to divide up the family’s carbon footprint between us. It was really helpful to see immediate feedback on what impact various suggested actions would have on my footprint.

Giki Zero Pro

Transform how your employees think about their carbon footprint and measure the impact of their actions 

Reach, engage, and educate your teams to make step-changes and create a more engaged, happier, and sustainable environment.

Our comprehensive science-based personal carbon calculator on a beautiful, easy-to-use app, blended with the expertise of climate change leaders, will change the way you think forever. 

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