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Learn what you can do for the planet 

Giki Zero for Companies

Engage and educate more employees on sustainability

If you’re an organisation looking to engage your employees in a high impact sustainability event or looking for a longer term engagement programme, find out more.

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It’s sustainability made easy and accessible to everybody in our business
Christos Tsaprounis – People & Culture Director, Autotrader
We built partnerships with sustainability at their core and a culture of sustainability in our partner organisations.
Sarah Gunderson, Director of Partner Sales at Adobe
Working with Giki allows us to empower our people with knowledge, and do this inclusively and measurably, demystifying climate action so everyone feels empowered to act.
Carolyn Ball, Director of Net Zero Delivery at Compass
Giki is an integral part of our sustainability journey.
Gavin Shinfield, Founder and CSO at Kyan Technology
You can use Giki Zero as your first step to reaching net zero, for a healthier, resilient zero carbon future for us all.
Nigel Topping, UK High Level Climate Action Champion
Giki Zero has inspired many of us to take steps towards living a more sustainable lifestyle. The tool is intuitive and a great fit for our company culture.
Helen Hughes, Sustainability Director, Design Bridge
Giki deepens our sustainability knowledge across Ninety One and we cut carbon emissions together.
Hendrik du Toit, CEO Ninety One
We need to walk the walk, and Giki Zero is a fantastic way to hold up the mirror to all our actions.
Saker Nusseibeh CEO Federated Hermes
Using Giki Zero Pro, we will help our colleagues learn more about sustainability, ESG and climate change and we will track and reduce our carbon footprints together.
Spectris plc
The team at Giki have delivered a perfectly simple website that helps you reduce your impact that is easy and fun to use.
Paul Dickinson, Executive Chair, CDP
Giki Zero is a great way to help people reduce their carbon footprint.
Toby Willison, Director of Environment and Corporate Affairs, Southern Water
We are proud to be working with Giki on to mobilise sustainable behavioural change.
Sammy Fry, Net Zero Programme Executive at Tech Nation

Giki Zero for individuals

Your free step-by-step guide to reduce your carbon footprint.

Understand your carbon footprint and then find steps to reduce it. Every step comes with tips and a handy to-do list to keep track of everything you’re doing for the planet.

Try Giki Zero

Giki Zero breaks down the steps to a more sustainable lifestyle and makes it feel a lot more tangible and achievable.
The benefit of Giki is seeing actions quantified. Every action and choice we make impacts our footprint, and Giki helps illustrate that.
It feels amazing to know there is always more you can do, especially when you have data to illustrate and support progress!
We had quite a lot of fun being able to divide up the family’s carbon footprint between us. It was really helpful to see immediate feedback on what impact various suggested actions would have on my footprint.

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10 ways to cut a tonne from your carbon footprint

Climate change is in the news almost every day. But, as individuals, what can we do about it, and what does being sustainable look like?

We’ve put together this guide to cutting a tonne from your personal carbon footprint and to explain the practical actions individuals can take to be on track with the global goal of halving emissions by 2030.

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Working with great companies

Big or small we work with leading companies around the world who want to take climate action now. By working with Giki to achieve your sustainability goals, you’re already making an impact. And some of the businesses we work with have also won awards for our work together.

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Giki is a B Corp and Social Enterprise. Our mission is to help people cut carbon.