Learn what you can do for the planet

Giki Zero for Companies

Engage and educate employees on sustainability

If you’re an organisation looking to engage your employees in a high impact sustainability event or looking for a longer term engagement programme, find out more.

Build sustainable behaviours

Giki Zero for individuals

Your free step-by-step guide to reduce your carbon footprint.

Understand your carbon footprint and then find steps to reduce it. Every step comes with tips and a handy to-do list to keep track of everything you’re doing for the planet.

Lets stand up for Nature

The natural world is amazing. The fresh air we breathe, the lush forests, the crystal-clear rivers, and the captivating diversity of wildlife – nature is truly a gift that keeps on giving.

But here’s the kicker: we’re taking it for granted, and the shockingly destructive impact we’ve had on our planet is a wake-up call we can’t afford to ignore. 

Let’s get out there, stand up for nature, and make a change!  Find out what you can do for nature.

Stand up for Nature

Working with great companies

Big or small we work with leading companies around the world who want to take climate action now. By working with Giki to achieve your sustainability goals, you’re already making an impact. And some of the partners we work with have also won awards for our work together.

Giki is a B Corp and Social Enterprise. Our mission is to help people cut carbon.